North Carolina

Stranger in a Strange Land

I’ve attempted to write this post for over two hours. Originally, I felt compelled to say something about the events in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina this week. But really, what can I say? If you want that then turn on the news or just sign into Facebook for a constant stream of opinions and hateful comments. The bottom line is a man is dead and a police officer has to live with a choice he made for the rest of his life. A victory for no one, and heartbreak for all.

This week has gotten to me. Not just because of current events, but how we respond them. I don’t even read gossip magazines but somehow I know about Brad Pitt’s divorce. WHY. I think I’m experiencing some of the negative aspects of how plugged in our world is now. There is so much noise it’s hard to think.

I want to sit at a table with someone who is the complete opposite of me and have a conversation. I want to trade the CNN style of seeing who can shout the loudest for meaningful connection and dialogue. So many things are happening around us - the election, shootings, climate change, government surveillance, our own personal lives… Do I need to go on? There is so much at stake and I feel like we are going to blow it because we are too busy shouting.

So this weekend, I’m going to unplug, spend some time by Lake Michigan, work on my music, look a stranger in the eye - maybe even read a book. Sunday night you can find me at the blues club on Halsted Street playing with my friends. I know this post was a bit unfocused but that's where my  head is at the moment.  

I’ll leave you with this song that my mentor and producer Carey Sims wrote. When I find myself overwhelmed I often turn to this song for comfort.