Happy Saturday everyone! I hope this finds you well. Some of you know I've been writing a lot since my last release Chicago in 2015. I'm excited to begin pre-production on some new songs for a full length release. I am anticipating about ten or eleven songs recorded with a full band. Following the release I'll be touring to support the record. 

Making records is not a cheap process. To give you an idea - my last record cost me around $9,000 - and that was only a 6 song record. I am attempting to raise as close to $16,000 for this new project. It's ambitious but I am confident I call pull it off. What makes recording so expensive? Here is a quick breakdown:

-Studio time ($450-850 per day)
-Paying musicians ($200 per day per musician)
-Copyrighting ($45 per song)
-Mixing ($500-$700)
-Mastering ($700-$900)
-CD pressing ($1300 - $1600)
-Graphic design/photography ($500)

...these are just a few of the expenses that go into a project like this. You can see how quickly it adds up. Of course I will play as many instruments as possible, but some instruments will have to be hired out (horn section, pedal steel, drums, string section). I plan to record the record at Traffic Sound Studios in North Carolina or Mission Sound here in NYC. It will come down to where I can get the best deal on studio time.

Producing this record will be my mentor Carey Sims (who produced Chicago) along with my friend John Horne (Electric Lady Studios, NYC). I think their unique expertise will make for a great sounding project!

I write today to ask for your help. If this is a project you might be willing support, please consider investing. Eventually a crowdfunding site may be up and running, but for now I just wanted to send out a query to my friends and supporters. A few of the incentives that are being considered include:

- Executive producer credit
- Access to the recording process (come see your $ in action!)
- Priority copy of the record (get it before anyone else!)
-Private in-home performance (great for a summer BBQ)
-Acoustic demos of the record (will be unreleased material)

These are just a few of the things under consideration and will correspond with donation level. I appreciate any and all support or even guidance on how to make this thing a reality. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please e-mail me at

As always, thanks for the love and support. I'm excited to share this new music with you!