How I Wrote It: "We Can Run"

The first song of any album is an important one. It's an introduction, and a way to (hopefully) hook your audience and leave them wanting more. A lot of thought went into the song order on my latest record. After much deliberation it was decided that "We Can Run" should start off the album.

"We Can Run" is a song that dates all the way back to 2008. I wrote the majority of the tune at my friend's house in Nashville. It was originally titled "Free." I ended up recording this version of the tune at a studio in Arizona and released it on iTunes several years ago. Some of you may remember this early incarnation. 

When it came time to pick songs for the album I dug out that old recording and let my producer Carey Sims give it a listen. We both felt it had potential that had not been captured in the earlier recording. He prompted me to think about the song with a driving drum beat and a more uptempo feel. We ended up writing a new chorus for the tune and the song was finally complete in it's new form.

It's amazing how something as simple as changing the tempo of a song can create something almost brand new. After having this song in my back pocket for years it finally felt complete as "We Can Run." It was joy to record in the studio with Carey adding those Eagles like harmonies and Jonathan's Tom Petty-esque drumbeat. I had a blast recording the guitar solo on a beautiful Gibson 335 that David had on hand in the studio. 

Some songs are written and done in ten minutes. Some of them like "We Can Run" have to be written, left to marinate for almost a decade, and then revisited to make them complete.  Every tune has it's own journey and this tune was no exception.


"We Can Run"

Hold me now tell me now,
Every secret that you left out
Let me know or let me go far from here

Let me find a piece of mind
Let me see the lights of Vegas
Let me drive far behind the setting sun


There's a road that I might take
Just another mistake
If it's wrong at least I'll know where I come from

I don't know what's it's like
To leave the ground in flight
But I know if I try I just might

We can run
Far away from here
We'll drive until the morning
Let go of our fears
We can stay
In each other's arms
Find a new tomorrow
With the risin' of the sun
We can run


It's my life and it's my choice
To drive without headlights on a road
Lit by stars from your sky

And I don't mind, if you drive
As long as we get there
There's no place I'd rather be than with you



And we'll leave without warning
Drive until morning
Find a little more of our own

Hold me now, tell me now
Every secret that you left out...



Copyright Rolfe Neigenfind 2015