Dearly beloved.

I woke up Wednesday horrified. Like many, my worst nightmare had become a reality. Despite others' unwavering faith in Secretary Clinton, I always feared that Mr. Trump would take the presidency. I've spent the last few days and hours trying to make sense of our new reality. I've called my friends and loved ones, read articles, and even joined several thousand discontent citizens outside of Trump Tower in Chicago on Wednesday night. Despite these meditations I have not reached any grand conclusions other than the following:

Artists and creative people, this is your time. We need you more than ever. It is time to pick up your paintbrushes, pens, grab a microphone and step up. I don't care if you are singing a song about a break up or an incensed political anthem - sing something. Make art. Do it for yourself, do it for all of us.

Despite the deep sadness that I can't seem to shake, I feel an increased capacity for kindness and compassion for my fellow man. Even towards folks with different political views than myself - we can either all go down together or lift each other up. I hope everybody has a great weekend spending time on the important stuff - whatever that is for you.