checking in

Hope everyone is having a great April! Things are busy here in NYC. I started the month pretty sick, and am finally feeling better. The recording had to be put on hold because of that, but things are moving again and I’m excited to start sharing some updates from the studio with you. My brand new band, The Radiators are playing a show at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1), on April 30th at 11pm. Super excited to debut this band and a bunch of new songs. If you’re in the area , make sure to come check it out!

The other day I was messing around on the piano and realized one of my new songs translated nicely to a stripped down arrangement. The official version will come out this summer and features a full band and electric guitars. This take is a much more laid back version and I hope you enjoy it - would love to hear what you think!

Check it out below.

hot hot hot!

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Thanks to everyone who supported the GoFundMe campaign! I didn’t quite reach my goal, so I’m currently working on a strategy to make the most music possible with the funds raised. If you are interested in contributing privately, just shoot me an e-mail. I will keep you all posted!

It’s shaping up to be a busy spring. I’m very excited to announce the debut of my new band next month! Rolfe & The Radiators, will be performing 4/30 at Rockwood Music Hall. We will be playing all music I wrote, including some new songs that have never been performed before. If you’re in town, come check it out!

Friday night I got a chance to see David Johansen. David fronted the New York Dolls in the early 1970s, and went on to perform under the Buster Poindexter moniker. It was an amazing show! David’s stage presence and command of his band were inspiring. I’ve been drawn to his New York attitude since I first heard The Dolls hit, “Personality Crisis.” Planning to go see him again next month at the Cafe Carlyle!

Hope everyone is having a great March - I’ll catch you soon! xoxo


Hello everyone! As some of you know, I’ve been writing a lot of music since my last record. I’ve been trying to find a good way to get this music out to you but I need your help. The music industry continues to evolve and we as artists have to evolve with it. I have decided to start releasing a new song once every 4-6 weeks instead of releasing them in the traditional album format. This will be more cost effective and will be a way for me to release music year round.

The past year I’ve put together a home studio. My new plan for this material is to record the big things (drums, horn sections, etc) in a professional studio - and do the rest here right at home. There will be no sacrifice to the quality and I can save money. I have started a GoFundMe page to raise money for this venture. I need to raise $8,600 to get this project off the ground and I need your help. It’s a lot to ask, and I want to be completely transparent about where your support is going. Please click HERE to view my GoFundMe campaign and learn more!

I appreciate your support no matter how large or small. I’ve very excited about this new music and can’t wait to get it out to you!


The Piano

I remember the first time I saw it. As a five year old, climbing the stairs to the stage seemed like a great feat. There it sat on it’s huge metal casters, hidden beneath it’s quilted cover. I remember pulling back the black tarp and opening the lid. When I pressed the keys it seemed like the sound filled the entire hall. My first notes summoned an angry Minister of Music (the late Anita Tritt) who quickly scolded me for banging on her grand piano.

Little did we both know then, I would go on to be asked to play that very piano for church functions, memorials, and retirement parties. Every Sunday during my teenage years you could find me seated at the Baldwin, working out anything from original compositions to the slow part of Eric Clapton’s Layla. Sometimes I’d have to skip Sunday school (much to my parents’ dismay) just to spend some extra time at the keys.

Now 25 years later, anytime I’m in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, I find my way to the church I grew up in. There on the same stage still sits the Baldwin. The stage doesn’t seem quite as high now, but the sight of the piano still makes me catch my breath. The keys are cracked and yellowed today, and she (?) wears her scratches and dents proudly. The action is perfect like a worn in baseball glove. For a moment, I’m five years old again - and then I play.


Myers Park Baptist Church 2019